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Roblox is an exetremely addictive game.

This is the roblox logo it looks like dominos.

Also This Is The Most Popular Game On ROBLOX!

ROBLOX Jailbreak.

Signing Up!

Here is how you sign up for ROBLOX!


Say if a friend from school played ROBLOX and he/she had 0 friends because everyone online was a stranger to them all you have to say is "Hey! would you like me to send you a friend request on ROBLOX?" Then they shall reply "Yeah!That would be awesome!" what you have to do is ask for their ROBLOX name and put it in the white search bar.(or just watch the video below)


Here IsSome Gameplay Of ROBLOX!

Credits: Sign Up Video made by CastallenoTV.Adding Friends tutorial made by Minute Manual.ROBLOX LOGO by ROBLOX

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